Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Journaling...PART 2

Recently, I shared with you some journals that I made.  This is one of my favorites!
I love to write for all kinds of reasons.  When my best friend, Lisa, and I went to London a few years ago, we vowed to be diligent with our journaling.  Every night, when we returned to our hotel, and made the jaunt up 6 flights of stairs {remember there wasn't an elevator} we would hurry up and get ready for bed.  Then we would sit on our beds facing each other, recounting the day's happenings and "funnies".  There were always funnies!!!  Oh how we laughed!  This was a once in a lifetime trip, and we wanted to remember everything in detail!  

Well, I decided to make one more journal...this one for a sweet blogging friend.  She has a very special trip coming up VERY soon!  I wanted her to have a special journal to write down each day's happenings, art project directions, new friends made, shopping excursions, etc. etc. etc.

I hope she will enjoy this little journal that I created just for her.  It is decorated for the "theme" of her trip...lots of lace, ribbons, and buttons because many petticoats have just that!  

The beautiful southern flowers are gorgeous this time of year...and a lady needs her parasol to keep her fair skin protected from the sun.

So there you have a few hints!
She probably knows who she is, but I won't spoil that just yet.  I hope she has many happy, creative, funny, sweet memories to fill the pages in her little journal.  

Happy Journaling
Our Back Porch,


Judy said...

Hi Rebecca! It's been so long since I've dropped in for a visit. I'm glad to see that you are doing well. LOVE your journal, & your friend will be so happy with it. What a sweet gift! I have so many journals, & love going back over them - a stroll down memory lane. My blog has now pretty much taken it's place, as you can't keep so many things going - or at least I can't. Elliot & Emily keep me so busy! Anyway...just wanted to stop in & say 'hi'. Sending you big hugs!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Rebecca, your journals are gorgeous! What a wonderful gift to give someone and I am certain that your friend will LOVE it!

Keep on creating!


Karen said...

(Sorry if I just blew out your eardrums!)

Is that for ME??????
Oh REBECCA! It is TO DIE FOR! I will just be so "In Fashion" in Savannah with my beautiful journal!!!

You didn't need to do that. . . how very special!
And I promise to take lots of pictures and write in it ALL THE TIME!

You are so sweet. Wow. Now I can't wait to see it!!!
One week and counting!!! This time next Wed I'll be there! Oh my gosh - I'm so excited!!!
Thank you dear Friend!!!!
:) Big hugs from California! Karen

Lisa said...

You are a sweetie!! And how great is that journal! I love doing them too! I have only done Holiday one so far. I need to get on doing some new ones!
Hugs, Lisa

bj said...

Journals are so fun to write...and so fun to read. Years later, they will transport you right back in the middle of some wonderful (sometimes not so wonderful) times in your life. Good for you!!
xo bj

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I'm sitting in my bed, in the hotel room, with Karen, in Savannah and as I type this...she is showing me her BEAUTIFUL journal that you made her in this post!!!! I'm honored to sit here with her and "giggle" about our trip and create memories so she can add it to her journal. I'm also honored to meet you too, you are amazing!!!!! Looks like when I get home...I have a lot of catching up to do here!!!!
Karen's journal is fabulous girl...I just wanted to let you know and share in the fun!!!! :)


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