Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

I love Autumn!   The colors of crimson, orange, gold are a spectacular show!  The cool crisp mornings and evenings are a welcome after a sweltering heat of summer!  Sitting on our screened-in porch is a welcomed treat!

October brings about many birthdays of loved hubby, my grandbaby, my BIL...and me!  {actually today is my birthday}  I love to celebrate with those I love!

Halloween has always been fun to me!  The little trick*or*treaters at my door always puts a big smile on my face!  It takes me back to when my boys were little, and the fun we always had on Halloween night!  A church party where we played games...especially the "Mummy Wrap" where one person wraps their partner with toilet paper...first one finished wins...Me being the mummy and hearing my sweet hubby laughing at I was quite a sight being 8 months pregnant!  I even remember far back to my childhood and the costumes I had...sitting with my loot spread out before me, while my mother checked it for me to eat.  What fun!

Decorating my porch is something I enjoy doing at Halloween. 

My witch is an especially "fun" touch to the scene! 

The slighest noise arouses her, and she begans screeching and cackling while she moves around in a circle...her eyes shooting bright blue rays!  

I wish you all a blessed autumn this year!  Today begans my second week of Fall Break, so I will have more posts to share with you this week!

Autumn Blessings from Our Back Porch
Hugs, Rebecca 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I love fall. My Mom's birthday is this month also so it is very special to me!!

Susan S. said...

Happy Birthday Rebecca! Things sure look good at your house these days. I LOVE fall too and just last week we started getting below 90 degrees. It's lovely! Happy Fall ya'll to you too!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday.hope it's a great one. Love the wreaths! Susan

Debbie said...

Happy birthday!! Mine is in December and I absolutely love the fall too. It's my favorite time of year...always has been. Love your blog...sorry I don't get here much...will try more this winter. Keep up the great work!


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