Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pink Flea

Today for Pink Saturday, I am sharing some goodies from my last Nashville Flea Market trip.  I'm ready to shop til I drop!  There's always pink to be found!  Just take a look...
Who doesn't love little frozen Charlottes?
Some new b*b*bling!


Cute little Christmas bells!

I love bunnies, as you know, so I spotted this little gem right off.  Isn't it precious?!?!  And the basket is a light pink.  Su-weet!

A chenille Christmas stocking!  LOVE IT!

Ok, so not a lot of pink...maybe a few dots of pink here and there...but they were too cute not to share!

Awwww...a little pink wooden baby bed and rocking chair.
And what about this little pink kitchen?!  Too cute!

And it was SO HOT, that a fresh squeezed lemonade was in order! Not pink lemonade, but I had a pink straw.  lol

Well, this was last trip to the flea market.  Hope you have a most lovely PINK SATURDAY!  Be sure to head over to Beverly's so you can enjoy MUCH MORE PINK!  Enjoy!

Pink Blessings,


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What great treasures you have shared with us here today!! I loved seeing all of them!!



Char said...

It looks like someone had lots and lots of fun. I don't think I would have been able to pass up the doll furniture. I love that. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

gena said...

Nifty stuff ! I had a kitchen like that when i was a little girl.... but that baby carriage with the rabbit, kind of creeps me out - lol !!!!!!

thanks for sharing,

Miss Rhea said...

Pretty !! I would have to take all of that home with me :) I love the dolls the best ! You are so cute, you look like you could be your son's sister. I'll bet you get that all of the time. :) Happy Pink Saturday !!! Hugs :) :)

Jacalyn @ said...

Love the bling and the pink straw, ha!

Happy PS,

xinex said...

Lots of great finds! Too cute!...Christine

Gracie Jewellery said...

So what did you buy?!!! Happy Pink Saturday.

A Garden of Threads said...

Happy Pink Saturday, the pink kitchen is so neat. Take care.

Lemondrop Marie said...

That bunny stroller is GORGEOUS- I don't know where I'd put it but I would have soooooooooo wanted it.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
Halloween fun giveaway

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Looks like you had fun! I love the dolls the best. Hope you got one!


Karen said...

Good morning!
I have been such a bad blogger. I just haven't had time! But sat down here this morning to visit with you. You have been having fun without me Girlfriend!
Loving all your pink things. DID YOU BUY THE BUNNY BUGGY? :) Hope so!
How long does your Fall break last? Your schools are so different from ours out here.
And are there wedding plans in the works?
We need to catch up!
For now - I just need another cup of coffee!
Big hugs from So Cal! :) Karen


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