Sunday, October 21, 2007

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho! It's back to work, I go! hee hee
Well, Fall Break has come to an end. Even with having to have surgery, it has been a great 2 weeks! Ofcourse the first week, I was very sore from surgery. My parents provided us with home cooked meals, and ate with us. That was nice! Kenny and Blake got a lot of jobs done around the house. Blake and his friend cleaned the garage out, and it looks sooooo good!
Maggie didn't understand why I didn't play with her like I ususally do. Kenny and I enjoyed our birthdays, and my parents brought dinner complete with cake and ice cream as well.

The second week, I felt much better! The soreness is pretty much gone now, just a twinge every now and then to the touch. I got some online shopping done, and then on Friday, my best friend and I went shopping.....ok, in my last post, I said I wouldn't shop til I drop this time, but yep, I did! hee hee But I was ok and held out quite well. She helped me lift things, as I still am not suppose to lift much. We shopped at Old Time Pottery, Hobby Lobby, Target, and T J Maxx. I got a lot of goodies for 50% off! I got some Christmas shopping done too! yay!
Then on Saturday, Kenny and I went shopping again. hee hee. We went to Target, T J Maxx, Linens & Things, Home Depot, and Pet Smart. We got some Christmas goodies for Maggie. We bought a really cool ball, a fuzzy-cuddly floppy dog, a squeaky dog, and a pull-toy. We also bought a ball to give to her now. She loved it but kept going over to the bag from PetSmart. She couldn't see in it, but it was like she knew it was hers. The squeaky dog was kind-of peeking out the top. She kept sitting and whining for it. Now, there were other bags from other stores, but she wanted the Pet Smart bag. She KNEW it was hers! So, guess what, I gave her the squeaky dog--we call it "dolly" and boy does she love dolly! She took it to bed with her Sponge Bob pillow last night. Soooo cute!!

Now tomorrow, I'll have 19 bright-eyed students raring to go (ok, maybe not raring--hee hee). I know they will be glad to be back. I will enjoy seeing them and hearing all about their adventures over Fall Break. They will be sure to have LOTS to tell--they always do! *wink*

Ok, next time I'll share some pics of the goodies I bought on my shopping sprees.
Until then, keep smiling.

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