Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is such an all time occurrance, that I don't have many pictures of this. So I decided to peek in and take a quick snap while Kenny and Blake were jammin' in Blake's room. Very soon, Brandon will be a regular occurance with this once again. Yep, regular, not just every-so-often, because he will be out of the Air Force and back home for good on October 29!!!!! Yippee!!!!! It has been a very loooonnnnnngggggggg 4 years!! We are so excited! Brandon will be joining Raimah, the Christian rock band that Blake plays with. He will be playing bass with them. They are so excited about that. As for Blake he is still enjoying his job (that Brandon had before going in the A.F.) in the Radiology Dept. at our local hospital.

As for me, I want to thank all my wonderful family and friends who have been praying for me with my recent hernia surgery. It is really what got me through it (God gave me great peace about it all) because I was so terrified of surgery. My surgeon even asked if he could pray with me before he did the surgery. Now, how many doctors do that? That really was awesome!! I am healing well, and my doctor gave me a good report! I have had a great fall break, even though I had surgery right before break started. It was a blessing to have two weeks off without having to take time off from work! God is so good! My parents made sure we had plenty of home cooked meals, and Kenny and Blake were great at jobs around the house! I was really sore last week, but I am not sore now, except a little bit to the touch. Hey, I can deal with that. Oh, and my best friend, Lisa, called today, and we are going shopping tomorrow! Yippee! I have only been to church and to the store (to pick up the bare essentials) once. So, I am feeling much better and ready to SHOP but not til I drop, this time.

I want to wish my Bro-In-Law, Buddy, a very Happy Birthday! Hope your day was as special as you are!!

Until next time, hugs and blessing all around.



Susan said...

Hi Rebecca, thanks for the visit. Nice picture of them playing together. I am off work now. Have a nice weekend.

Nancze said...

Hi Rebecca, how nice to have a loved one coming home! Enjoyed your post and I'm so glad you healed so well from your surgery. Someday I hope to get mine repaired. If not then I'll look forward to my new heavenly body. *smiles* Love and ~hugs~


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