Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well, it's that time again.....time to swap.
This swap was called Junque In My Trunk. We were to create a box that was tooo pretty to open. Then we were to fill it with all kinds of wonderful things. Katie was my swap partner, and we decided to send our boxes at the same time. So on Tuesday, we each made a trip to our post office to mail off our packages to each other. We both received our packages today. I am surprised you didn't hear my squeals once again as I opened this wonderful package from Katie! Just take a look.....

Vintage pretties were packed oh so sweetly! Vintage rick rack, pink nut cups, cards, labels, carnival tickets just to name a few!
Sweet cards, beautiful buttons, pretty papers were sweetly tucked inside.
Vintage pins, sweet little baby card, beautiful ribbons, and a handmade headband made by Katie were more little treasures.
I love this pretty little sachet. Sooooo sweet!

Thank you Katie! I love all the wonderful goodies that you sent!
I'll post pictures of the box and goodies that I sent Katie tomorrow.
Until then, good night and sweet dreams!



Judy said...

Hi Rebecca! Thank you so much for your continued prayer, & for visiting me at my blog. I do miss you all at FCN! Give them all my love.

What a wonderful surprise you received in the mail! I did think that I heard a squeal, so that must have been you. :-) How beautiful!

Have a blessed weekend, & please do stay in touch. And yes...your graphics bring many a smile to people's faces! Thank you for creating & sharing. Big hugs!

Inspired Tokens said...

Wow...what a swap! Look at all those devine surprises. Simply devine.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Ohhh wow! What wonderful boxes! What a treat :)

Best wishes, kimme

Painted Pink Pot said...

ooh!!! You got some really nice stuff in there, I'm jealous.


Katie said...

Hi Rebecca...Thanks for taking care of all the swap photos! I loved everything you sent, and am so glad that we were paired up for the swap...I have a guess about your secret, but I'll keep it to myself! xo, Katie


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