Saturday, January 31, 2009

Magazines*Magazines*And MORE Magazines

*A Collection of Magazines*

Are you like me?  Do you have a huge collection of decorating magazines?  Sheesh!  I have been collecting them since the early 1990's!  I finally just had to start weeding them out.  There were several favs of my from that decade that I just couldn't bare to part with!  While I did diminish my collection of mags, I still have many left.  Where do you keep your stash of decorating magazines?  I have several places where mine are kept. Even though most of them aren't  seen right off, they are always easy to access!  Whether I am enjoying a good thunderstorm on my back porch or cuddling up in my favorite chair by the fireplace, I always have magazines close at hand.  So here are my secret hide-a-ways and not-so-secret places where I keep my mags.....

I have a few magazines on my coffee table.

A small table beside a fireside chair is the perfect spot to
have magazines within reach for a "cold, cuddle-up-night-by-the-fireplace-read"!

Well, of course a "magazine" rack would be a good place to keep them!

The back of my antique school desk hides some of my sweet reads!

Drawers of cabinets are great places for your stash!

I bet you have a bunch of magazines!
So, where do you keep all yours?  



fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Hi Rebecca, I think we have something in common.. MAGAZINES!! hehehehe been collecting it for years and now they were everywhere in my house.. at every nook & crannies.. hehehehe and can't live without them!.. have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

Rebecca, I am a magazine fanatic! I have a basket or some type of magazine holder in every room. I am sad that Country Home, Cottage Living and Home Companion are no longer in circulation. Country Living and Country Garden are my two favs, hope they don't stop.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

YOU are just too cute! Like you, I have magazines that go wayyyy back! There are old Country Livings that go back to the early 90's when I was young and trying to be inspired to decorate - and on a budget. I still have several of those tucked in a closet. Some go into an old trunk or stacks here and there, like you. I regret throwing away some old Bon Appetits a few months back.


Tammy said...

I have a stack of magazines beside the bed that drive hubby crazy! lol You can never have too many unless you can't open the front door!


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