Monday, March 16, 2009

Great First Day of Spring Break AND Giveaway Winner!!!

Well, today officially started my Spring Break!  The crisp, cool, sprinkly morning started off with a nice toffee caramel cappuccino and strawberry cream cheese pastry...yuummmm!

Maggie and I had to play inside this morning as it has been wet 
outside for a couple of days.  While I sipped my cappuccino, I tossed her ring to her.  

Our first chore of the day was my craft room.  
Oh boy, have I been putting this off for some time now!!  
It just had to be done, so we dived right in!  I say "we" as my little shadow is with me every step I take, and I LOVE it!  :)  Now, don't let this small pic above fool you!  The whole room was a disaster.  lol  Of course as I worked, I had to "play store" getting all my Two Velvet Bunnies items on shelves that were separate from other items.  It took me more time because I just enjoyed looking at each piece and remembering when I bought the items or created it for my shop.  So basically, this turned into a most-of-the-day project.

When I stopped for a lunch break, Maggie and I went to check the mail.  She couldn't resist one of the puddles so we had to get cleaned up before we could come back inside.  
Hey, she is a water dog ya know!  lol

So I thought I'd show ya what I worked on today.
This is a little straighter than it was...ok, I WHOLE LOT STRAIGHTER!

I LOVE cute and unique gift bags, and my best friend, Lisa, is notorious for finding and giving me the cutest bags!  Look at this one!  I love this bag and wanted to display it.  I just wasn't sure how, but isn't this the cutest thing holding my roses!?!

These are a few things that I am using right now on some gifts, swaps, and Two Velvet Bunnies.

Now, on to what you are probably wanting to know!
Well, here is the Winner of my Giveaway!  I love The Hat!  
All you have to do is type in the names and hit shuffle.  
When you hit stop, you take the first name on the list and there's your winner.  

So Here's My Winner.....
Oh how I wish I  had something for everyone of you precious ladies!
God Bless You and Thank You for Entering!!

Have a lovely evening all!
Back Porch Hugs and Blessings,


DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

I just found your blog. Wow, your room looks great. I'm sure it makes you feel wonderful.

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Oh how excited I was when I found out I'd had won. I have been in KY since Saturday and have not been on the computer because my laptop couldn't find a signal. I've been shopping for the last 3 days and have bought tons of stuff/treasures to take back with me. Can't wait to show you the bunny I bought, your gonna love it. Thanks again for this wonderful giveaway, you just too sweet. Yeah, I won. Hugs, Rosemarie


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